Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas - A Fresh Look

Is Christmas real? Consider these things.

Human beings are spirit and flesh. In their current form,their major portals of communications are through the 5 senses, i.e., hearing, seeing, tasting, touching,and smelling. Our Creator who does not leave us abandoned to the whims of chance and the caprices of chaos wants to communicate with us. But He/She is Pure Spirit. For reasons difficult to fathom Her Inscrutable Mind, She exhaled Her Breath out and it slowed down to the degree of the Square of the Speed of Light,,,, thus precipitating into matter as we know it - called woman and man. Hence, Einstein's m(atter) = e(energy) DIVIDED BY c( speed of light )<---SQUARED.

Now, how does He maintain communication with humanity through the ages through time and space? He devised a simple but smart plan. Although he manifests Himself in all things everywhere everyday, familiarity with His wonders makes people take Him for granted. Remember the elephant-in-the-room story with blind folks mistaking it for a rope, a tree trunk, etc...? Well, God is much bigger than the elephant to see! So, He decides to be born in a manger, a reverse psychology of sorts at a time when tyrants were a dime a dozen. And he made sure the story would travel fast through the centuries without Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates...with a simple formula. He created a family scandal ( chose an unmarried teenager in a small village betrothed to an upright man, which left the wagging tongues drooling ). Of course, the expectant mother had to share her secret with her older cousin Liz ( or it wouldn't be a secret, get it? )in another village... She had to travel far to share The Secret, giggles!!!! ). Now, as we all know, society pages are ruled by women writers, weather forecasters ( the magi ) and the village people ( the shepherds )... It's only now that your gay brothers and sisters have caught up. The human tongue, iPhone, Twitter or not, is still king or queen of the media world. Nothing like a live voice face-to-face. Das Movil is so plastic, yucky!

Fast-forward to resurrection, the re-birth, the New Christmas.... guess whom Jesus called first? Mary M.! Another woman!!! Ever heard of Joy Behar, Barbara Walters and Whoopie Goldberg? The Donald surrenders.Larry King just listens. But first, Jesus had to be tried for leaking the truth which would make Assange's brouhaha look like toddler play. Julian is no JC, of course. Christians have maintained through the centuries He was a teetotaler. They have one thing in common, though - conspiracy theories abound.

Question: If God chose to be born of a woman, how come women can't be priests in the Catholic Church?!

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Note: The author interchanged the genders to describe God/Spirit. He hopes it is self-explanatory.

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